Corporate & Business Relocation

Bradan UK Ltd is a rapidly growing company within the corporate relocation industry striving for excellence on every level of our business. It is our aim to plan and deliver an excellent service with our corporate relocations, ensuring minimal disruption to our client’s business at all times.

We aim to provide a personal service to a standard which no other relocation company can offer.  Every project we undertake is managed in house by our fully trained professionals who care about their clients needs. Our aim is to give a personal and professional service which cannot be rivalled.

 So far we have managed to accomplish a 100% move success rate throughout our Blue chip client base, thus enabling us to build upon our excellent reputation in the Commercial Moves Industry.

Bradan UK Ltd has found its place in the market due to a number of key factors:

Experience in relocating a wide range of blue chip organisations from various sectors including banks and telecommunications companies to small independent businesses  Our overall objective is to assist our clients in strategically planning their move whilst causing minimal disruption to their business.

At Bradan UK we have a robust and proven Project MAC model in place which we use to project manage all our corporate moves.  However, we also understand that most businesses we work with have their own systems in place and therefore we are able to adapt to these processes and procedures where necessary to support our clients’ own in house teams achieve their goals.

Preparation and Planning and Post-move after care

Obtain brief

Project manager to attend all planning meetings. Take instruction for future projects. Understand timescales. Gain knowledge of all key information relating to the brief.

Project meetings

Project manager to manage meetings to discuss and plan all future works. Ensure all forthcoming project stages are discussed and agreed. Carry out full de-briefs with necessary staff to ensure all targets were met and how to improve in the future.

Space planning

Space planner to liaise with project management team to provide solutions for possible new layouts. The agreed solution will be included in the move packs.


Relevant staff to liaise with new furniture companies to get delivery dates to fit in with the proposed relocation timescale. Review existing furniture and carry out audit and make storage preparations.

Floor box audit

Warehouse manager to carry out audit and ensure relevant carpet tiles are available for the move.


Discuss and agree labelling systems to suit the client and us.


Move manager to carry out filing audit and review systems in place, ensuring compatibility with the new locations facilities.

Move programme

Detailed programme, including all aspects of the physical move, reviewed and updated throughout.

Portable appliance testing

NIC EIC approved technicians available to carry out all necessary checks upon request and cost approval.

IT responsibilities

Contract team to arrange relevant staff depending on level of agreed input.


Liaison officer to arrange passes and relevant authority levels in place for the relocation.

Sign offs and handovers

Sign off procedures must be in place pre-move to ensure satisfactory completion of each phase of the relocation.

Support staff

The contract team will arrange for staff to ensure all pre and post move checks are carried out to maintain minimal levels of disturbance to the business.

Crate organisation

The warehouse manager will assess the number of crates required and arrange relevant delivery and collection dates. All storage of crates must comply with health and safety requirements.

Damage limitation planning

The moves manager will assess all entrances and move routes to ascertain space and leverage in all areas. Audits will be carried out to note pre move and post move defects. Reports will be made to the client to agree solutions for rectification.

Contingency planning

Review all agreed programs to retain flexibility. Assess all risk factors and plan for worst case scenario.

Move packs

Detailed packs with all the relevant information for the member of staff concerned.

Staff briefings

Discuss the aspect of the move regarding team members, relevant details will also be in the move packs.

Relocation directory

A list summarising new locations in a colour coded format to match labels for ease of use.

Pre move support

Porters and fitters will attend site to make sure client’s staff have followed all instructions and labelled and packed all belongings adequately and will offer assistance if required.

Management team visibility

The management team will be readily available throughout the move to ensure compliance with the relocation plan. They will be able to resolve issues as they arise to minimise time wastage. They will be supervising and liaising constantly.

Monitoring and supervising

The management team will be constantly monitoring progress levels and adjusting methods where necessary to ensure efficiency.

 IT assistance

If agreed prior to the move an IT team can be made available for installation, re-commissioning and decommissioning.

Post move meetings

Move meetings will take place on a regular basis with the relevant staff to ensure all levels of service are fulfilled and any alterations are carried out where necessary.

Post move support

To include porterage assistance, unpacking assistance and clearance of empty crates.

Site clearance

We will carry out a phased removal of crates to keep hire time to a minimum. All disposals will be taken care of and resale or recycling will take place wherever possible.


Bradan UK Ltd will provide a team of cleaners to vacuum clean and ensure the completed relocation area looks spotless and is ready to use.


All relocation adjustments will come from or be approved by the client to maintain cost awareness.

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